Getting Ready

Elaborating on the Wheel model, Renaissance and Dawn

Laxey Wheel
Laxey Wheel

What we talk about when we talk about content (thank you Carver)

Creator’s individuality and independence

Individual freedom

Creative content is to be shared.

When there’s a wheel, there’s a way.

Leonardo da Vinci's Perpetual Motion Machine
Leonardo da Vinci’s Perpetual Motion Machine
Wheel model
Wheel model
Winding Stream Party
Winding Stream Party
Tim is a fiction writer that loves to write about oak trees and peonies.Veronica loves to read novels with an oak tree as the lead.
Tim writes on his own website: He includes a paywall, a tipping jar and a link to Patreon there.
Everyone needs to eat. Tim also posts his writings on Medium and Substack. In both places, he uses monetization.Veronica finds out about Tim and his interesting series of Oak Tree 1984. However, deep in student debt, she does't want to spend money on Medium just because of one series, nor does she want a newsletter subscription through Substack because she is not fond of peonies. Is Veronica being unreasonable?To the contrary, Veronica's precise demands are what the market should be about. We live in an era of information overload, but 90% of the information is noise, distraction (manipulation) and useless junk that clots the channel and makes people anxious.Veronica initiates a Wheel for oak tree fans through the Cartwheel program. Surprise, surprise! There are other oak tree fans and together they have enough to power the Wheel. Tim connects his oak tree on to Dawn so that oak tree fans can read his creations directly on his site. As the Oak Tree Heroes Wheel runs, more oak tree fanatics find out about it and join Veronica. There are also ones that are not able to join due to financial difficulties, but there are always donated one-time passes for them to pick up. Due to the increase in traffic and backlinks, the SEO of has also improved.
Surprise, surprise! There are other oak tree writers and they join Tim to make the Wheel more competitive against others.
At some point, Veronica is tired of all the oak trees and leaves for a Pine Wheel.Later, the Wheel becomes not as lucrative for Tim, now having a cult following, so he makes an exit and founds a All About Tim Wheel.Now the Oak Tree Heroes Wheel doesn't have enough content to keep the readers satisfied. The wheel is soon demolished. R. I. P.

Apart and Together in Dawn

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